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About P.moon

My name is Roland Grimm. I live in Rostock city, Germany.

Since I was a teenager I made music for me and my friends. Inspired by Mike Oldfield I played some instruments and made overdubs with tape recorders. Later I could produce my music with hardware synthesizer and the help of DAW. As POLYMOND I published several titels at YOUTUBE™.

As long as I use DAW and VST, I have been looking for components, that could be used to make "Berlin School" style music . Especially usable step sequencer modules are hardly to find as VST component.

Then in August 2019 I saw an offer of Cherry Audio™ for Voltage Modular™ with a reduced price. That looked good to me, and I baught a licence for it. Together with Voltage Modular™ I could use Module Designer™ for free and I started development of modules, that I needed for my plans.

In first line my modules are cybernetic circuits and are made to help building up complicated control systems. Until now my modules are not made for processing sounds. But some of these modules allow some things, that could not be done yet. For example they can be used to cascade sequencers. Even setups for complete melodies could be made.

Once I wondered, wether my modules would be interesting for other people too and I've got the professional licence for Module Designer™. When I published my first simple module, there was a surprising interest for it.

Now there was a lot to do: A manufactures's logo was needed, a common design for my modules too, further documentation files, example presets, a web site, a mail address for support requests.

Hopefully I did not forget anything.

P.moon is not a company. It is the name of my VST programming project. The logo is used to mark my VST modules. It is based on POLYMOND, because there is a direct relationship between both projects of mine.